Wednesday, April 7, 2010

UPDATE: Licenses Revoked from Nine Orphanages in Ehtiopia

PEAR has received an unconfirmed list of the orphanages involved in the recent revocation of licenses in Ethiopia (see: We have been attempting to confirm the list with the Ethiopian government and the US government over the past two weeks. In reply to our request for confirmation, the US Embassy in Addis Ababa recommended that we seek confirmation through the Ethiopian Ministry of Justice or the Charities and Societies Organization. The Ethiopian Ministry of Justice has not answered our questions nor will they confirm or deny the list. We are still attempting to get confirmation through the Charities and Societies Organization.

One piece of information we have been able to confirm is that some, but not all, of the nine orphanages were in the Oromo Region, which may well explain rumors and reports of recent delays in processing adoptions from that region.

Once we are able to officially confirm the list, we will publish it here. However, we know that many families are anxiously awaiting this news, so in response to this, PEAR is offering to confirm privately whether or not a specific orphanage is on the list we have. Individual requests may be sent to us via We caution prospective and adoptive parents who discover that their child's orphanage is on this list to contact their agencies for clarification and further information. Please remember that this is an unconfirmed list.

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Facebook Re-unite the brothers said...

Does anyone know if Birhan Family orphanage Addis Ababa is still licensed?

Does anyone have a list of licensed orphanages