Saturday, April 3, 2010

MEDIA: Romanian Adoptees Reunite with Firsta Families, Friends

This series was broadcast in Romania in the Fall of 2009 on Antena 1 TV and is now available on Youtube.

They are extremely powerful and touching videos.

Part 1: v=yPOetgu-xfA

Part 2: v=gEATguSprmY& feature=related

Part 3: v=V5ZIwZfl44& feature=related

Part 4: v=c6ZR-9Y2vd4& feature=related

Part 5: v=ATKKPjVGijs& feature=related

Part 6: v=1MYMvnS8dwY& feature=related

Ethics, Transparency, Support
~ What All Adoptions Deserve.

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