Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MEDIA: CARA Asks Preet Mandir to Close

Put up for adoption, but future uncertain

Nisha Nambiar Posted: Friday , Apr 09, 2010 at 0313 hrs, Pune

CARA asks Preet Mandir to discontinue inter-country adoption; agency puts forth petitions of 25 children

As many as 25 children put up for inter-country adoption in the past two months by city-based adoption centre Preet Mandir are facing an uncertain future. The Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) had, in a letter dated March 11, told the adoption centre to discontinue its inter-country adoption proceedings from February 15.

However, Preet Mandir claims it received the letter only by April and the papers of the 25 children had been moved by then. The CARA, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Women and Child Development, had also asked Preet Mandir not to seek any foreign placement for its children till it gets a clean chit from the CBI or the Bombay High Court.

Preet Mandir had filed 16 petitions of in-country adoptions and 25 inter-country adoptions during these months. “These 25 kids have been cleared for foreign adoption but they may not finally get to be adopted as per this notification. All these children will face problems,” said Suhas Deshpande, liaisoning officer, Preet Mandir.

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