Thursday, April 1, 2010

UPDATE: Hungary, Hungarian Ministry Statement on Adoptions for 2010

Information for the prospective adoptive parents about the number of the applications the Hungarian Central Authority can accept in 2010
Central Authority
26th of October 2009
As we reported in our letter dated on 22nd of October 2008, every year we are going to inform You about the applications we can accept the next year.
In 2010 we do not accept any applications that are for adoption of healthy children under 8 years old. There were few healthy children under 8 who could be adopted by our waiting couples this year.
Regarding the fact that Hungarian prospective adoptive parents accept nearly all small healthy children and they become more tolerant to adopt the older children as well, for the intercountry adoption we can offer only younger children who have some healthy, mentally or behaviour problems.
In 2010 from every accredited body or competent authority we accept:
  • 10 applications for the adoption of a child or siblings above 8,
  • 5 applications for the adoption of a child under 8, who is ill or mentally retarded or has serious behaviour problems,
  • 5 applications for the adoption of three or more siblings.
As we stated the last year there are lot of families in our registry and according to the Hungarian rules couples are privileged to single persons. We do not accept any applications from singles wishing a child under 10.
From singles we only accept applications that are for adoption of a child above 10 years old.
As we referred that we oversee our registry every year and we inform You at the end of 2010 about the applications we accept in 2011.
Zsuzsanna √Āgoston dr.
Senior counsellor

**Note: US DOS does not maintain a Country Specific Page for Hungary. Information on adoption from Hungary can be found on the Hungarian Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour:

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