Thursday, January 21, 2010

RESOURCE: Double Traumatized Children from Haiti

We are passing on the link to this discussion for all families who are adopting children from Haiti after the earthquake. PEAR strongly advocates pre-adoption education and post adoption support in all adoptions. The issue of trauma is important in developing attachment, understanding the implications of trauma on the developing child should be a basic requirement for adoption parenting. We encourage all families currently bringing and attempting to bring home children from Haiti to participate in this discussion, take from it what you will.

Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 03:10:20 -0500
Subject: Double Traumatized Children from Haiti

Hi Regina,
In response to the crisis in Haiti, you're invited to listen to a special audio interview. I invited my colleague, Dr. Ronald Federici, to join me in this discussion in order to provide a much needed resource for parents bringing children home from this disastrous situation.

These orphans have literally experienced double trauma. We want every parent bringing home their children to be prepared with the knowledge and resources they need to make their adoptions as smooth and successful as possible.

Simply click here to listen in on this discussion:

Please help by passing this link along to any Internet support groups with whom you are connected, through Facebook, Twitter, and any other places that will reach adoptive parents.

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Reid said...

It is not allowing me to hear the presentation with this link...has anyone else had trouble?

Brass Ovaries said...

I just listened to it. It takes a while for the audio to start. Excellent info.