Monday, September 24, 2012

Update to Haiti's New Adoption Procedures

On September 14, we published the US DOS Office of Children's Issues latest Adoption Notice concerning changes to Haiti's adoption laws and processes. That Notice can be found here:

Today, we were informed that God's Littlest Angels, a children's home in Haiti that facilitates adoptions, has published the following IBESR timeline for adoption processing in Haiti. The timeline was published on GLA's blog in mid-August and gives more detailed information than that provided by DOS:

From August 16 till September 30, 2012
  •  Delivery or renewal of agreement to orphanages       (children’s homes) for the year 2011-2012
From August 16 till September 15, 2012
  •  Reception and proceeding of files of petition to adopt prepared between May and July 2012
From 1st of September, 2012
  •  Reception and proceeding of requirement to operate of the Licensed Adoption Agencies for fiscal years 2012-2014
From 1st of October, 2012  
  • 1. Beginning of the new adoption process
  • 2. Application of new fees for the files treatment
  • 3. Delivery or renewal of agreement to orphanages for fiscal years 2012-2014
  • 4. Agreement to proceed to adoptions for orphanages for fiscal year 2012-2013

*source:  IBESR has reopened, And Life Goes On Blog by GLA director, Dixie Bickel, 8/19/2012:

UPDATE 9/28/12: On Tuesday, September 25, IBESR held a meeting with children's home directors to explain and clarify the new procedures. All Blessings International posted a translation of some of the discussions on their blog: All Blessings International in Haiti, IBESR Meeting, 9/25/2012, The post by ABI states that IBESR will accept new dossiers up until October 31, 2012 and that the new procedures will be enforced starting November 1, 2012.

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