Monday, April 2, 2012

UPDATE on PEAR's Ethics Alert for China

A blog post was recently made public by Brian Stuy of Research China which addresses some of the issues contained in our Ethics Alert on China's Special Needs Adoptions We received similar stories and information from both adoptive families and adoption service providers before publishing our alert.

PEAR believes that prospective adoptive families and adoptive families have the right to information the potential ethical and legal issues surrounding their adoptions (see points 2, 3, and 11 of our Prospective Adoptive Parent Bill of Rights and point 1 of our Adoptive Parent Bill of Rights). It is not our intent to cause undue anxiety or cast judgments on adopting families, but it is extremely important that all adopting families have access to the information and realities involved in adoption before making choices to adopt.

We, therefore, highly recommend that prospective and adoptive parents read Brian Stuy's article with open minds and take this information with seriousness it deserves. It may not be what you want to read, but it is what you should read. The Dark Side of China's "Aging Out" Program

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