Friday, April 20, 2012

PEAR: What We Do

What We Do
PEAR's major efforts center around advocacy for ethical adoption practices, education, and to provide assistance and support for anyone touched or affected by adoption.
PEAR provides analysis and feedback for legislative efforts and regulation of adoption practices globally. We support the Rights of the Child as defined by the UN Convention, and as such provide critiques, suggestions, and warnings of problematic practices to government and other regulatory bodies.
We attempt to educate the adoption community through our blog about current trends and problematic issues that arise in various country programs or domestic placement practices. We strive to present new viewpoints that are child-centered and respectful of families.
PEAR members have access to a closed discussion group where all adoption issues can be discussed and viewpoints widened to what is currently happening in the adoption community.
Assistance and Support
One of PEAR's unique services is direct support at no charge to those who contact our organization for help and assistance. Most often we are contacted by PAP/APs in need of assistance, but we have also assisted adoptees and parents of origin. We provide advice and recommend appropriate resources when available. We can assist individuals in filing complaints to COA or direct them to appropriate government offices, but we cannot represent individuals or families. At a very minimum we attempt to support those impacted by adoption and refer problematic cases to appropriate offices or resources.
What We Do Not Do
-At times we receive requests for assistance with adoptions that appear to be unethical or possibly illegal. We do not encourage or support these types of adoptions, although we can help families navigate muddy waters and guide them toward better outcomes for the children involved.
-Recommend specific agencies.
-Work to create a greater free-flow of adoptions globally. It is our belief that adoptions and child welfare need more regulation and quality, rather than an increase without adequate oversight.
-Receive salaries or payment for our work. At this time we are an all-volunteer organization. PEAR uses funds received via donations or membership dues largely for operational costs or conference expenses as approved by the board of directors.

Ethics, Transparency, Support
~ What All Adoptions Deserve.

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