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China announcement -- CCAA

The following Announcement was made by the CCAA on December 22, 2009:

Date of Release: December 22, 2009   

To relevant government departments and adoption agencies in receiving countries,
Since China began working with relevant countries in inter-country adoption, the cooperation has been smooth and tens of thousands of Chinese children have been adopted by foreign families. The majority of them are growing healthily under the care and love of their adoptive parents. However, some media reported on December 14 about an American adoptive father who sexually abused his Chinese adoptive daughter, which have attracted broad attention and caused great shocks. Although this is a very rare case, it has caused negative effects on inter-country in China and is against the healthy development of inter-country adoption.

As the agency entrusted by Chinese government in charge of inter-country adoption, China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) has always attached great importance to the protection of Chinese adoptive children’s rights and great attention to the children who have been adopted into foreign families. On December 16, CCAA met with the Consul-General of the American Embassy in China Ms. Linda Donahue and notified her about our position on this incident. President of relevant adoption agency also telephoned CCAA and expressed his apology. In order to guarantee the rights and interests of Chinese adoptive children and ensure the healthy and sustainable development in cooperation of inter-country adoption, CCAA plans to take the following measures:

1. CCAA will suspend the cooperation with relevant American agency and decide whether to continue cooperation with this agency depending on its treatment of this incident.
2. It is suggested that all the government departments and adoption agencies conduct a following-up research of all the children adopted from China. If problems turn up, relevant parties shall assist in the re-placement of the child affected and notify CCAA accordingly. It is also advised that government departments and adoption agencies do a good job in the post-placement following-up of adopted children in the future.
3. To learn a lesson from this incident, it is suggested that social workers of government departments and adoption agencies evaluate the eligibility of applicants factually and in details. Social workers shall not only evaluate quantifiable factors such as age, profession, education background, income etc., but also evaluate whether the applicants are loving parents and with good personalities, as reflected in feedbacks from schools, communities, churches, social groups, etc. so that the reports provided can serve as dependable reference for CCAA during the reviewing process.
4. CCAA will adjust the present post-placement reporting policies and improve this reporting system, after seeking opinions and comments from different parties, based on the new situation in inter-country adoption.
5. Depending on individual cases, CCAA will suspend or terminate cooperation with agencies that are involved in cases where adopted children’s interests and rights are harmed. Home study reports prepared by social workers who are involved in such cases as well as the social workers themselves will not be recognized by CCAA.
Government departments and adoption agencies shall follow the principle of “everything for the children” and assist in relevant work to guarantee the protection of rights and interests of adopted children and maintain the cooperation in inter-country adoption.

China Center of Adoption Affairs


According to some sources, the case being referred to involves Faith International.


News Articles supporting this conclusion and relating to the case:

Archived News Article in The Olympian: "Kite Girl helped Eddy and Donna Whisenhunt settle on a name for their adopted daughter from China" names Faith International as the adoption agency used by the Whisenhunts to adopt their daughter from China.The article was published February 17, 2005.

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Anonymous said...

What about requiring independent psychological examinations (paid by the PAP's) and full independent background checks (paid by the PAP's)?

"Home Studies" are stupid and just a game. Adoption agencies want to appear as if they care about what kind of people the child is being sold to.

Beckett Franklin Gray said...

I agree that home studies are merely shadow dances. They aren't a good accessment because they aren't quantifiable. There are no testing standards and it is all subjective.

My non-profit has recently published a new book on Chinese adoptive parenting. “The Dragon Sisterhood: A Guide to Chinese Adoptive Parenting” . It can be found on our blog:

I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing that with your readers.

Thanks!Beckett Gray