Monday, December 28, 2009

Australia continues suspension of Ethiopia adoptions until early 2010

December 28, 2009
"The Australian Government has suspended all child adoptions from Ethiopia over fears that it could be breaking human rights laws against child trafficking"

More information can be found at the Australian Government Attorney-General Department's website:
"Ethiopia-Australia Program–
Possible delegation visit to Ethiopia–18 December 2009

As the Department’s review of the Ethiopia program has progressed, it has become apparent that a further visit to Ethiopia may be necessary to investigate some of the issues identified in the review. The Department is hoping to visit Ethiopia in early 2010 (dates to be confirmed). A report of the delegation will be made available on the Department’s website.

The delegation hopes to hold discussions with representatives from the Ethiopian Government as well as our representatives in Ethiopia. The delegation will also visit Koala House and some orphanages associated with the program.

The Department has previously committed to completing its review of the Ethiopia-Australia program by the end of 2009. The review of the program is now expected to be completed in early 2010, after the visit. A decision about the future of the program will be made as soon as possible following completion of the review. The Department is conscious of the importance of completing the review quickly, in order to limit uncertainty for families affected by the suspension.

The suspension will continue pending finalisation of the review. As before, activity during the suspension will be restricted to those children already referred to the program. No new children will be accepted by the program during the suspension."

PEAR looks forward to a timely report from the delegation.

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