Monday, November 30, 2009

Results of POSitive Study–Comments

Unlike most surveys, we asked several open-ended questions. There were hundreds of helpful comments. Here is a representative list of recommendations by adoptive parents and issues that still need to be addressed.

• The need to give parents a list of what type of interventions are available, what issues kids have and the order/timing .Screens need to continue throughout several years.

• Sensory issues, speech/language, dietary/toxin, psychology/attachment, infant reflexes and sleep issues screening in first year with learning assessments in subsequent years.

• Pre-adopt and post-adopt education of all of these assessments.

• Concern for cost of therapies.

• Speech screening in native language within first month.

• Respite care as an option in the first few months after gaining custody of child to ease transition.

• Educate pediatricians on possible issues in adopted children.

• Audio and sensory screens before child begins school.

• Older children need counseling immediately for how to function in family setting.

• Details about behavior issues after being in orphanage.

• Specifics on how to address sexual abuse prior to joining family.

• Alcohol related Neurological Disorder (ARND) what to look for, early assessment.

• Break down of disorder frequency by country.

• Dental issues.

• Missed/delayed diagnoses of Post traumatic stress disorder/assume child has PTSD.

• Not enough education about Post-Adoption Depression (PAD).

• Insurance not covering developmental therapy.

• Achieving educational success.

• Want advocate or case manager to go to for customized explanations for child.

• Figuring out agency’s honesty/accountability/getting money back for failed adoption.

• Better list of parent support groups.

• Assertiveness training for parents since they need to advocate for their child.

• Legal issues, such as falsely being accused of abuse.

• Helping the parents, not just the children.

• Support in navigating birthfamily relationships.

• Handling serious attachment issues.

• All aspects of dealing with older children.

• Vaccine scheduling for the internationally adopted child.

• Continued support (including financial) from adoption agencies.

• Issues stemming from child’s history of sexual abuse.

• Trauma from adoption and life before adoption.

• Central website for post-adoption resources.

• Finding/connecting with birthfamily in international adoptions.

• Parental stress/depression post adoption.

• Post adoption subsidies, grants for issues that are not detected immediately after adopting.

• Dealing with situation where it has been found that your child was trafficked/sold into adoption.

• Developmental stages post adoption for kids of all ages.

• Identity issues, especially in transracial adoptions.

• Peer mentors for adoptive parents.

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