Monday, November 23, 2009

Results of POSitive Study-Testing and Intervention sections

Analyses of testing, and interventions including parenting techniques will be available in 2010.

Here are some general results.

The four most common screening tests that adoptees received include Hepatitis B and C serology (65%), HIV serology (64%), stool testing for ova and parasites (64%) and Tuberculosis screening (57%). The CDC outlines all of the recommended tests that international adoptees should receive at

We asked adoptive parents about ninety different interventions. Speech therapy was the most commonly used intervention(39%). Occupational therapy with or without sensory processing specialty was used in 30% of the adoptees. Corrective lenses were used in 21%, physical therapy in 12% and Handwriting without tears program in 9% of the adoptees.

We asked adoptive parents about biomedical testing. Food allergen testing was the most prevalent with blood testing being the most common of those. Heavy metal testing was the second most common type of testing and inhalant allergy testing was the third most common type of testing.

We asked adoptive parents about supplements, nutritionals and chelators. Twenty-two percent used fish oil, thirteen percent used multivitamin ,twelve percent used melatonin, eleven percent used a form of probiotics and nine percent used vitamin C.

Next week we will be sharing a summary of adoptive parent concerns captured in our comment section.

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