Friday, April 17, 2009

Mothers in Guatemala Demand Justice

Norma Cruz and members of The Survivor's Foundation (La Fundacion Sobrevivientes) are on the fourth day of strike in front of the Family Court Building in Guatemala City today. They are demanding justice be served for those responsible for the processing of four illegal adoptions.

In a shocking decision two weeks ago, attorneys and facilitators involved in the processing of the illegal adoption of Esther Sulamita, daughter of Ana Escobar, were found not guilty. The judge on the case stated not enough evidence despite the attorney's name and signature being on the falsified DNA test.

Ana's case was the first indisputable case of kidnapping where the child passed a DNA test for US immigration. Ms. Norma Cruz, Director of Sobrevivientes, is demanding justice be served and believes this is a case of impunity which often runs rampant in Guatemala.

Ms. Cruz demanded the return of three other stolen children believed to have been adopted and now living in the US. Daughters of Olga Lopez (known as "Cindy Garcia"), Loyda Rodriguez (known as "Dulce Maria" or "Karen Abigail") and Raquel Par (known as "Kimberli Azucena") are still missing. To date, the US adoptive parents have not come forward voluntarily.

A reward is now offered for information on these three girls. If you have any information on these children, please call (502) 2413-8888 EXT 2226 or The Survivor's Foundation at (502) 2230-4222 / 2251-9931 / 2232-7967 or

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Karen H said...

Norma Cruz was awarded an "International Women of Courage" award by the US State Dept in March
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