Thursday, June 28, 2012

DOS Adoption Notice Romania: Agency Authorization Required by Romanian Law

June 28, 2012

Notice: Agency Authorization Required by Romanian Law

The Romanian Office for Adoptions (the Office) reported to the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest that it will allow private non-profit organizations accredited in the foreign receiving country to transmit documents in intercountry adoption procedures provided that they are also authorized by the Office. U.S. accredited agencies that would like to work on behalf of U.S. prospective adoptive parents adopting children from Romania should submit a request for authorization to the Office with the following documents:
  1. A copy of all state statutes governing adoption service providers in the state where they are licensed;
  2. Domestic licenses and Hague accreditation documentation;
  3. Documents pertaining to the organizational and personnel structure;
  4. A history of the activities already performed, and recommendations from other collaborators, as well as from foreign authorities that supervise the agency’s work overseas;
  5. A description of planned activities and work methodology in Romania;
  6. A commitment to present to the Office only the applications of those families or individuals with whom the respective private organization has signed an agreement (contract, understanding) regarding the follow-up of the child after the adoption is granted by qualified personnel, for a period of at least two (2) years from the time the child enters the territory of the foreign state;
  7. A commitment to present to the Office annual activity reports, in view of the renewal of the authorization, as well as periodic reports, at its request;
  8. A commitment to forward to the Office quarterly reports for post-adoption follow-up required by the Office.

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