Friday, February 17, 2012

DOS Adoption Notice - Malawi Judicial Strike

Feburary 08, 2012

Notice: Ongoing Nationwide Judicial Strike Closes Courts in Malawi

Due to a nationwide judicial strike by certain judicial employees in Malawi, the court system halted all functions on January 9, 2012. Since this time, no new or pending cases have been processed. The strike has caused a backlog of pending civil and criminal cases. These cases will have to be processed before new cases, including adoption hearings, can be accepted. We advise prospective adoptive parents against travelling [sic] to Malawi for a hearing until the strike has ended and you have received a firm court date.

Prospective adoptive parents are encouraged to remain in contact with their adoption service provider to stay up-to-date on any information pertinent to their individual case. In addition, please continue to monitor for updates. We also suggest that any families with pending or potential adoption cases contact the U.S. Embassy in Lilongwe, Malawi, at to make the Embassy aware of your case.

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