Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adoptee Voice: Jennifer Kwon Dobbs

On June 26, PEAR published a link to an article written by Jennifer Kwon Dobbs entitled "Ending South Korea's Child Export Shame", Today we wish to share a video of Jennifer that was put together and published on the blog Land of Gazillion Adoptees, Birth Searches as Public Pedagogy

The video is quite powerful. We recommend that adoptive and prosepctive adoptive parents not only view the video, but examine the circumstances surrounding the availability of children for adoption. Educate yourselves on where and why a child becomes available for adoption, what role we as adoptive parents play and what steps we can take to ensure that our desires for a family do not unwittingly (or purposefully) perpetuate political, cultural or religous injustices that separate families.

In addition to examining the reasons behind relinquishments, please keep in your heart your child's need to know their full story. Do not underestimate the powerful need for this. Be careful and mindful of processes that may deny access to identity, history or heritage.
Ethics, Transparency, Support
~ What All Adoptions Deserve.

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Anonymous said...

To the folks who run PEAR,

My name is Kevin Ost-Vollmer and I'm the person who runs Land of Gazillion Adoptees. I just want to say that it's great that you're sharing Jennifer Kwon Dobbs' video with your members.

Thank you!

Kevin Ost-Vollmers