Thursday, August 5, 2010

PEAR has added Kansas and District of Columbia to State Adoption Resources

The Kansas Directory of Adoption Resources for use pre- or post-adoption is now available. This concludes the third series (Midwest states).

District of Columbia Directory of Adoption Resources from the fourth series (Northeast states) is now available. Check back soon for directories from Virginia, Maryland, New York, New Hampshire and Vermont slated to be released this year.

You can freely download the pdfs at

Each directory is divided into 4 sections:

Health contains Early Intervention information and licensed practitioner listings. Each listing has a designation for specialty or service. See the index at the beginning of each document for definitions. Residential Treatment Centers are included here.

Education contains tutoring, remediation, specialized schools & interventions by non-licensed practitioners.

Bureaucracy contains information about (details vary by state):
•Apostilles & Authentications
•Better Business Bureau
•Criminal background checks
•Recognition of foreign birth, delayed certificate of birth, and/or readoption
•Filing complaints
•Hague Convention information (due diligence and complaints)
•Licensed agency list or checks
•License checks for health professionals
•Medicaid waiver
•State statutes on adoption
•Social Security offices/how to obtain card
•State adoption subsidy
•Vital records (birth, marriage & divorce cert.)

Support contains state-based support groups, web-support, and organizations. Respite care is also included here.

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