Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Moldovan Parliament Passes New International Adoption Law

The Moldovan Parliament passed a new law regarding the Legal Status of Adoption on May 28, 2010. It awaits signature by the President and then will be published in the Official Monitor. At that time, text of the new law will be available and the US Embassy website is expected to be updated. Six months after the publish date in the Official Monitor, the new law will enter into force. Agencies estimate that this will be January 2011.

PEAR will publish the text of the new law when it becomes available.

The main elements of the new law are expected to include the following:

• The children will be placed and remain on the Register for a period of two years. Children with certain medical conditions (that will be described in the text of the law) may qualify for a reduction to twelve months on the Register after review from a medical commission.

• A prosecutor will represent the children in court.

• Prospective families may be asked additional questions in the court than in the past.

Adoptions in progress are continuing. Instead of only one or two different judges presiding over adoption cases, now a greater number of judges are presiding over adoption cases, randomly selected by computer.

Moldova remains open to US adoptions.

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