Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Adoptee Voice: Camryn Mosley

Camryn Mosely recently completed an interview with Guam Family Magazine. The resulting article was published in November 2009 and is now available online at: http://issuu.com/guamfamilymagazine/docs/nov09issuehires

Camryn was adopted from Cambodia in December 1999. Her adoption adoption story was highlighted in the Washington Post and People magazine after it was discovered and reported that her history and documents had been falsified. Due to Camryn's bravery and the Mosley's persistence, the agency that arranged Camryn's adoption, Seattle International Adoptions was investigated and finally closed. It's owners, sisters Lauryn Galindo and Lynn Devin, pled guilty to numerous federal criminal charges.

Please take a moment to read Camryn's story.

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Von said...

Sadly these stories become more and more common and will continue to do so.Corruption has been going on in the adoption world since Georgia Tann's time and before.Will it ever end?