Friday, February 20, 2009

File of Russian Homestudy Providers missing PPR

A downloadable pdf file of the list of Homestudy Providers with missing Post Placement Reports can be found on PEAR's website at


tmv9156 said...

Ethical? You failed to disclose the FACT that some of the agencies listed NEVER facilitated a placement, but provided ONLY home study and post-placement services. These homestudy agencies may have forwarded the post-placement reports to the placing agency, they may have no direct contact with the Russian courts, and are now being perceived as being delinquent. Speaking for New Beginnings in Mississippi, we provided the post-placement reports as requested by the placing agency TO the placing agency. We WILL provide the reports to the proper authorities in Russia as soon as we can determine which case is in question, where to send the reports, etc. In other words, we will bear the cost of translations, mailing, etc. ourselves since some primary provider FAILED to forward the reports and FAILED to fulfill their obligations to a family. Our only agencies that are accredited by the Russian government. We've learned a lesson. We are also grateful to the State Department, Russian MOE, National Council for Adoption and others who are seeking to provide information to clear the matter up. In other words, we provided a homestudy service and did what we promised to do...and we aren't missing any PPRs. Someone else who promised to provide a service to an adoptive family failed to provide the service. Tom Velie, New Beginnings in Mississippi

Valerie and Randy said...

Are you able to tell us how often this list will be updated? Where can we find that information?

PEAR said...

We will post updates as soon as we find them on the Russian site. We don't know how often it will be updated.