Friday, March 21, 2014

International Adoption Status in Crimea

Given recent events in Ukraine, many parents are understandably concerned about the status of their adoptions from children in the Crimea region of the country.  According to Ambassador Susan Jacobs, the United States Embassy in Kiev is working directly with a number of parents whose adoptions have been affected by this volatile situation.  The Embassy is also working directly with the Ukrainian government to determine how these political changes will impact in-process adoptions.  Because Ukraine is not a signatory to the Convention, the Hague Process does not apply to Ukrainian adoptions.

The Department of State has not yet issued an update on Ukrainian adoptions as it relates to Crimea.  In an email to PEAR, Ambassador Jacobs stated that they will "continue to update as we learn more about how the cases will proceed."  The latest updates on adoptions in Ukraine can be found at  

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