Wednesday, June 1, 2011

UPDATE: Media Reports on China Scandal

On May 11, PEAR published a list of reports on the emerging scandal involving the abduction of children for intercountry adoption. Continuing reports on the scandal have been published in May 2011 some of which are listed below. These reports include a piece in the Canadian Inside Politics Blog entitled Canadian Parents wary as China Confronts Baby Trafficking. PEAR member Cathy Wagner was interviewed for this piece.

Canadian Media:

CBC News, Inside Politics Blog. Canadian Parents wary as China Confronts Baby Trafficking, May 25, 2011. Leslie MacKinnon

CBC News. Chinese baby trafficking leaves farmers forlorn. May 16, 2011.Anthony Germain

US Media:

TIME Global Spin Blog, Have Foreigners Unwittingly Adopted Victims of Baby-Selling in China? May 11, 2011. Hannah Beech.

MSNBC, Adoption scandal exposed by muckraking Chinese journalists. May 17, 2011. Adrienne Mong., Illegal babies abducted by Chinese population control officials, May 26, 2011 Steve Mosher.

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Lorraine Dusky said...

THANK YOU for this. We will be posting a link to this at our response to Scott Simon and his book about adopting from China at First Mother Forum .